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Throughout the year we have a variety of different events for you to choose from, some are exclusive for residents of the Alexandra Hotel however we do also have
events throughout the year that are open to the public.



Mouth watering drink and food offers for everyone to enjoy,
Monday to Friday from 12:00PM until 7:00PM until April 1st.

  1. TWO FOR A TENNER on our scrumptious selection of dishes, from our traditional Fish & Chips, to our home made Lasagne, there is a meal for everyone - and affordable too!
  2. CARLING is on offer at just £2.50 per pint, GUINNESS at a whooping £3.00 per pint, BULMERS on offer (in bottles) at £2.50 as well as MAGNERS also at £2.50
  3. DOUBLE SPIRITS from our selected range of spirits will set you back a measly £3.00 - that's including your mixer too!
  4. £10 RUMP FEAST is made for the regal - enjoy a juicy, succulent Rump steak cooked to your specifications and enjoy a delicious pint of bitter, lager or cider on the side for £10.

December 2018 at the Alex

As our first Christmas at the New Alexandra Hotel, we've got a specially prepared menu curated by our professional kitchen team and entertainment prepared to make this a memorable occassion - we'd love you to come!


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